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Everything we do is to help support the young members of our community who need it most. Learn more about the ways in which we are active in our communities, and the positive impact that our outreach programs have on Toronto’s youth.

Academic Scholarships
Music Bursary
Randhawa Rising Stars Logo

The Randhawa Rising Stars Scholarship is a four-year financial award for BIPOC students studying business in Ontario.

Students enrolled in a recognized 4-year Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Administration program at an accredited Ontario university are eligible to apply. A successful applicant will receive $5,000 per year to go towards their tuition for each of the 4 years of their program.

Jamaal Scholarships Hero

Recipients are chosen once every four years (unless four-year program recipients fail to uphold the scholarship requirements) based on financial need and merit evaluated according to their academic performance and extracurricular involvement.

The funding has been generously provided by the Randhawa family of Toronto.

You’re Eligible If...


You must have been accepted into a four-year B.Comm or BBA program. You’ll need to provide your letter of acceptance.


You must have either qualified for OSAP funding or must be able to demonstrate financial need through other official documentation.


Either a citizen or a permanent resident.


You identify as black, indigenous or as a person of colour.

You’re a first generation post-secondary attendee.

Neither of your parents or legal guardian(s) completed any form of post-secondary degree.



To continue to receive funding in years two through four, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of C+ or higher.

Scholarship Details

Amount Awarded FOR 4 YEARS

($5,000 per year for 4 years)


One (1)


Every 4 Years*


September 1st, 2023


October 31st, 2023 (11:59pm EST)


December 2023

*Unless Four-Year Program Recipients Fail to Uphold Scholarship Requirements


Equity, diversity and inclusion are core principles at the Jamaal Magloire Foundation. We are committed to eliminating barriers, creating access, and providing development opportunities for underrepresented and racialized youth. Our organization fosters an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves, with equal opportunities to contribute and thrive.

We are no longer accepting applications. The deadline was October 31st, 2023. Good luck to everyone who applied!


Nike Community Impact Fund

Application Window: NOW CLOSED

Thank you to all of our applicants. Please keep an eye on your inbox for updates.
Through the Nike Community Impact Fund, Nike employees will work with Jamaal Magloire Foundation to award $5,000-$15,000 to eligible organizations in Toronto to give youth positive experiences in sport and physical activity, and advance healthier, supportive and more inclusive communities.
More information +

Funding Priorities

Nike believes in the power of sport to change the world. As part of their Made to Play commitment to get all kids moving, Nike is working to break down barriers, build community and help kids find their strength and potential through the power of play and sport.

The Nike Community Impact Fund (NCIF) takes a collaborative approach to grant making by partnering with Nike employees to participate in the grant-making process and directly impact the local communities where they live and work.

NCIF helps local organizations bring the benefits of sport to their communities, giving kids an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of quality play and active lives, and creating stronger communities where sports and physical activity are a highly-valued part of everyday life.

To improve your competitiveness, please review the NCIF Program Guidelines and FAQs.

Application Process

The next application window is January 10 - February 15, 2024 at 11:59 EST.

Applications will be accepted through an online application system. All application questions are available to review in a separate document.


For program information and assistance, please contact [email protected]. You may use your own project budget layout, or download and use a suggested template.

Grantee Reporting

Upon being awarded the grant, please expect to email the following information to [email protected]

  • Number of students/youth served during the funding period
  • Any significant changes to the project since your application
  • A story: be it large or small, please share an impact, something you learned or something that changed for participants.

If you have questions about reporting, please email us at [email protected]

Eligibility +

Eligible Applications

Applications are accepted from not for profit organizations classified as a Qualified Donee by the Canadian Revenue Agency, inclusive of registered charity, registered Ontario amateur athletic association, registered housing corporation in Ontario, registered Ontario Municipality, Metis, Inuit of First Nation community/band, across Toronto. Please note that PRIORITY will be given to organizations serving Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

Organizations that do NOT have a Qualified Donee status and /or are not a not for profit organization, are still eligible to apply, but must do so in partnership with a Trustee Organization who has Qualified Donee Status.

Ineligible Applications

  • Organizations which discriminate based on age, ethnicity/race, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical or other disability, or national origin
  • Individuals (including scholarships, stipends, fellowships, and personal assistance)
  • Group or individual travel
  • Research projects
  • Sponsorship of fundraising events
  • Support for elite or private sports camps, programs, or teams
  • One day events, unless the focus of the project is on program(s) leading up to a culminating event.
  • Endowments, memorials, budget deficits, or fundraising activities
  • Religious organizations whose programs do not have a secular and community focus
  • Lobbying, political, or fraternal activities
  • Capital projects unless Nike’s award would be the final funding needed
  • Projects and events that occur prior to a Nike grant award (refer to grant disbursement date)

Frequency of Application

  • You may apply for one grant per NCIF funding cycle.
  • You may receive only one grant per year from NCIF.
  • If declined, you may resubmit the same project to NCIF only if key project components have been strengthened.
  • Funding priority will be given to organizations who have not received a Nike grant in the past 36 months.
  • Applying to NCIF does not preclude you from applying to other Jamaal Magloire Foundation grant programs.
FAQs +

Q: How are Nike employees involved with the Nike Community Impact Fund (NCIF)?

A: Nike employees are selected to sit on an advisory committee and are trained by Jamaal Magloire Foundation to review grants and develop funding recommendations.

Q: Does the NCIF award grants for operating support?

A: Yes, but applicants must demonstrate a compelling need for support and detail how funds will be raised the next year.

Q: Can schools with relatively few low-income students apply for grants?

A: Yes, but competition for NCIF grants is robust and projects that serve high-need children and youth are more compelling. Applicants serving a general population may apply but their projects should be innovative, show strong financial support from the community, and address an important need to be considered for funding.

Q: If we are a local non-profit based in Toronto, may we apply for funding to support provincial, national or international programs or must our project focus on local populations?

A: Your project must focus on local Toronto based populations. Please review our guidelines for more information.

Q: Can we apply for a grant if we are NOT a Qualified Donee by the Canadian Revenue Agency?

A: Yes, but only if you have a Qualified Donee sponsor who does have appropriate status. If you are expecting to be granted non-profit status soon and do not have a fiscal sponsor, you are not eligible to apply. Organizations that are fiscal sponsors for another entity can submit their own proposals to NCIF in the same grant cycle.

Q: Will you review a draft of our proposal and give us suggestions for improvement?

A: No. Staffing is limited and reviewing some proposal drafts and not others would create an uneven playing field.

Q: Can we apply for more than one grant at a time from NCIF?

A: No. Organizations may submit one NCIF grant application this year.

Q: How often can we apply for an NCIF grant?

A: You may apply for one grant per funding cycle, and you may receive only one grant per year.

Q: If we receive an NCIF award for one year but the project still needs support the next year, can we apply for another NCIF grant for the same project?

A: Funding priority will be given to projects that have not received a Nike grant in the past 36 months. (If funding is being sought to create the same program at a new site, that will be treated as a new project.) If you wish to apply for a different project, you could apply sooner.

Q: Does NCIF support projects to improve a non-profit’s fundraising, marketing, or staff/board infrastructure?

A: No. NCIF is interested in using its funds for projects that more directly improve the community.

Q: If a grant proposal to NCIF is declined, can we resubmit the same project later?

A: Yes, but the project may not be competitive unless key components have been strengthened.

Q: Do we need to know a Nike employee to apply to the NCIF program?

A: No

Basketball Clinics

Basketball Clinics

An opportunity for kids of all ages to learn the fundamentals of basketball, as well as basic life-long skills to help you succeed in life. The programs are built around respect, trust and dedication, with a work-hard mentality. Anything is possible.

In The Paint

In The Paint

In 2019, Jamaal Magloire Foundation in collaboration with Oasis Canada brought our first ‘In The Paint’ to your home court! We hosted 4 free at-home virtual youth basketball clinic sessions with Jamaal Magloire & friends. Each session included fundamental skills taught by the professionals themselves including; stretching by Shakiyl Cox, conditioning by Joseph Wani and ball handing with Alex Abou-Akl.

Garth Magloire Music Bursary


In memory of consummate music lover, father and mentor, Garth Magloire, the Garth Magloire Music Bursary is an award for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) students from the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Durham, Halton, Peel, and York Regions) enrolled in a postsecondary music program who demonstrate financial need.


Jamaal Magloire Foundation is a registered charity that was launched in March 2017. Our focus is on improving the lives of youth who live in underserved areas by helping them improve their academic and social skills through the arts, sports and motivation. Jamaal Magloire Foundation’s mission is based on the belief that all youth deserve a chance to realize their dreams. Through donations, fundraising efforts and support from our wonderful volunteers, Jamaal Magloire Foundation changes the lives of children all over the GTA.

Garth Magloire

2022 Bursary Details

Amount Awarded

2 x Two Thousand Dollars (2 x $2000)

Number of Awards

Two (2)

Frequency of Awards



October 28th, 2022

Announcement of Award

November 2022


A student may be eligible if the following requirements are met:

  • You are a Canadian citizen
  • You are a resident of the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Durham, Halton, Peel, and York Regions)
  • You are between the ages of 18-24 years
  • You self-identify as BIPOC or a member of a racialized community
  • You are enrolled in a music-related program at a postsecondary institution (College or University)
  • Current GPA: 2.7 (70%) or higher
  • You fulfill the financial need criteria as defined by lack of sufficient resources to meet the educational costs for the year (tuition, books, transportation, equipment, etc.)
  • You have applied for funding elsewhere (OSAP, scholarships, etc.)

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion are core principles at the Jamaal Magloire Foundation. We are committed to eliminating barriers and providing development opportunities for underrepresented and racialized youth. Our organization fosters an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves, with equal opportunities to contribute and thrive.

Applications Are Closed

Good luck to everyone who applied!

2021 Bursary Winner

Jason Lobo

Jason is from Toronto and currently studying under the tutelage of Prof. Julia Gavrilova at the Schulich School of Music, McGill University in Quebec for his Bachelor of Music Degree. Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t able to attend, but his parents received the bursary on behalf of their son!

Jason Lobo, 2021 Bursary Winner

2022 Bursary Winner

Janelle Yausif

Janelle is currently studying to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Voice Performance at University of Toronto. Janelle fell in love with music at a young age and has always been her passion. Janelle has won a plethora of awards within her musical career thus far. Some of her talents, other than singing are song writing, Level 4 RCM Piano, Intermediate Italian, can sing in multiple international languages including Mandarin, and fluent in Assyrian.

Janelle Yausif, 2022 Bursary Winner

2022 Bursary Winner

Spencer Persaud

Spencer is currently studying Fine Arts Media, Performance and Design at York University in Toronto, for classical piano. His goal is to be able to compose his own music and perform on stage for others. He would like to also give to others, whether that be in the form of teaching or volunteering within my community, and within music.

Spencer Persaud, 2022 Bursary Winner
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